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AMDEC – News and Announcements

AMDEC Update: May 29, 2020

We hope this finds you well. Below are some AMDEC updates as the end of the 2019-20 school year approaches.

Please know that the AMDEC school year is being extended beyond June 5, 2020. We have set a date of Thursday, June 18 as the final date for submission of all student work, including final assessments. This will allow time for teachers to complete their marking, provide feedback and complete final report cards before the end of the school year.

Please note the following:

  • AMDEC teachers have worked hard to edit their courses and provide individualized learning plans for students as we know there are some students, who as a result of the pandemic, are unable to participate in their learning to the same degree.
  • We will continue to support students with their learning and skill building through to the end of the course and encourage the completion of final assessments, where possible. Doing so will allow students to consolidate their learning and will help them best prepare for their courses next year, future learning opportunities, and their next step following high school.
  • Final exams for most AMDEC courses have been replaced by culminating assessments. For the courses that continue with a final exam, the teacher will proctor their own exams through Microsoft Teams.
  • As per the current Ministry of Education direction, student marks as of March 13th will stand unless assignment submissions after March 13th serve to improve their achievement.
  • Students will receive a final report card when they complete all course work, or we reach the end of the school year (whichever comes first) to encourage learning through to June 18th.

Take care and be well. We wish you all the best as you finish the school year.